Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Awards-Nazi Award Nominations: Costume Design

This might be 2016's strongest craft category if you ask me. So many projects positively dripping with sartorial taste, leaving us with an embarrassment of well-tailored riches. Choosing five Best Costume Design nominees was tough, but choosing a winner is going to be my biggest challenge.

ALLIED (Joanna Johnston)
Fetching old school glamour decorates two of Hollywood's hottest stars in this romantic war thriller.
Favourites include:
-Marion's pastel aqua dinner gown
-Brad's weathered bomber jacket
-That climactic red riding hood cloak

THE DRESSMAKER (Marion Boyce, Margot Wilson)
Dressing well is the best revenge. Winslet models a catalogue 50s Outback chic in this campy hot mess. Favourites include:
-Gertrude's wing flaps
-Kate's red rugby 'regalia'
-Molly's many shades of brown

Sumptuous pre-war fashions tell a tale of culture and class disparity well before the clothes start coming off! Favourites include:
-Lady Hediko's floral kimonos
-Fujiwara's slimming suits
-Sook-hee's waist-high apron

Many periods of Japanese history inspire the microscopic details in this visually rich fantasy adventure.
Favourites include:
-The sisters' raven feather capes
-Kubo's beetle-patterned robe
-Beetle's horned samurai helmet

LIVE BY NIGHT (Jacqueline West)
Multi-hyphenate Affleck wears many hats (literally and figuratively) in this stylish gangster throwback. Favourites include:
-Zoe's stripes
-Ben's brims
-Elle's sleeveless preacher garb

Just missed:
La La Land (Mary Zophres)
Love & Friendship (Eimer Ni Mhaoldomhnaigh)

Other considerations:
Florence Foster Jenkins (Consolata Boyle)
Hail, Caesar! (Mary Zophres)
Jackie (Madeline Fontaine)
Silence (Dante Ferretti)

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