Sunday, January 8, 2017

Golden Globes live blog

Tonight is all about the party! While I don't think many people harbour hope that Jimmy Fallon will be any more than adequate, he can't be any worse than last year's host.

The bigger expectation is that La La Land dominates, what with having no competition within its Comedy/Musical categorization. But I wouldn't put it past the HFPA to go a different route in Best Director, and maybe even Actor in a Comedy/Musical (go Colin Farrell!).


La La Land did even better than expected, winning all seven of its nominations, setting a new Golden Globes record. Movie winners and thoughts on them after the jump.

But fist, some best dressed honours:

And also this...
The cold open parody of La La Land's "Another Day of Sun" was a lot of fun... if you've seen and liked La La Land. I'd love to be a fly on the wall of a casual viewer's living room. Have enough people seen it yet?

Fallon's opening monologue was less successful. The busted teleprompter shtick felt suspiciously prepared merely as set-up to a subsequent Mariah Carey joke, and his dependence on Trump jokes feels ill-advised given how obligingly he treated the now-president-elect on his show.

Best Supporting Actor: Aaron Taylor Johnson, Nocturnal Animals HAHAHAHAHAHA Let's not give this any more discussion than it deserves.

Best Original Score: La La Land Easy call. But I wonder if the Academy's stingy music branch might have a snub in store. They've been resistant to nominating musicals here since the animated musicals of the 90s dominated the category.

Best Original Song: "City of Stars", La La Land So it looks like this is the one folks are lining up behind, even though "Audition" is better. If both get nominated, might we see a catastrophic vote split?

Best Supporting Actress: Viola Davis, Fences I'd be more annoyed at Naomie Harris getting nothing this year if it wasn't in service of Viola claiming her stolen Oscar. Five years late is better than never.

Best Actor, Comedy/Musical: Ryan Gosling, La La Land Very smoothe, sincere acceptance speech. I can't imagine he'll wrest the Oscar away from Casey or Denzel, but with vote-splitting between those two dramatic options, anything can happen.

Best Screenplay: La La Land Did not expect this. Surely the Academy will give it to something like Manchester. They don't consider musicals to be "written". Mind you, its a better script than Manchester, but there are even better options out there.

Best Foreign Film: Elle Saw this recently. Was alright, but would lack a lot of punch if not for Huppert.

Viola gave a stunning introduction to Meryl Streep's lifetime achievement award.

Meryl gave a more stunning acceptance speech. More on this (much) later on, but suffice it to say it will go down as one of the defining moments of the 2016-17 awards season.
Best Director: Damien Chazelle, La La Land Can't say I disagree. The screenplay award is a bit much, but his directorial vision is moreso the heart and soul of the movie than even Ryan and Emma.

Best Actress, Comedy/Musical: Emma Stone La La Land So this is gonna be a record breaker tonight: Seven Golden Globes. She's wonderful, but......... shoulda been Hailee.

Best Picture, Comedy/Musical: La La Land Frontrunner status secured. But can it sustain the inevitable backlash, which has long since begun in full force?

Best Actor, Drama: Casey Affleck, Manchester by the Sea Made a smoothe campaign move in quoting and thanking his toughest Oscar competition in his speech. Denzel is now running out of chances to catch him. The SAG awards may decide this one. But could those troubling stories from Affleck's past result in a huge Oscar night surprise?

Best Actress, Drama: Isabelle Huppert, Elle Nice call. While my own vote would have gone to Portman, I really don't want her to win the Oscar (let's get four fictional characters for a change!). To see Huppert shock on Oscar night would be pretty rad, actually.

Best Picture, Drama: Moonlight The right call. Let's hope it can parlay this momentum into some Oscar magic!

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