Thursday, January 19, 2017

Awards-Nazi Award Nominations: Supporting Actor

While the ranks of leading men were a bit thin this year (though not really as bad as some are declaring), there were many supporting players to choose from, and that's not even including lead performers who were campaigned in this category. These five true Supporting Actors were tops for me, and on any given day the list could change.

More than making us feel pathos and admiration for a drug dealer, Ali gets us to stop thinking of him as a drug dealer, or even as a father figure, but as a man becoming undone by the discovery of the damage his work does.

TOM BENNETT in Love & Friendship
Bennett puts on clinic of giddy social ineptitude as the buffoonish would-be suitor to flighty Frederica. His posture, face and line readings tickle in a manner few performances do. “Bit of a rattle”, indeed.

Ehrenreich positively steals the show as a moon-crooning, spaghetti-roping, fish-out-of-water cowboy forced into a confusing world of parlour etiquette. Wish the movie was as consistently hysterical. Would that it were so simple.

RALPH FIENNES in A Bigger Splash
Whatever it is that's possessed Ralph Fiennes here, let's hope it sticks around. He's the much needed bolt of electricity as a man without an 'off' switch in Luca Guadagnino's latest tale of privileged tragedy. Dance, Ralph, dance!

DAVID OYELOWO in Queen of Katwe
The 'motivational coach in a sports movie' role is a pretty well-worn archetype at this point, but Oyelowo brings a natural warmth and chemistry with his young costars that enhances the character. Earnest without being joyless.

Just missed:
Jeff Bridges in Hell or High Water

Other considerations:
Lucas Hedges in Manchester by the Sea
Stephen McKinley Henderson in Fences
Issei Ogata in Silence
Michael Shannon in Nocturnal Animals

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