Saturday, January 28, 2017

ACE Eddie Winners, and PGA/SAG Preview

To the surprise of precisely no one, La La Land won the ACE Eddie Award last night for Best Edited Feature Film (Comedy). Tom Cross is likely en route to his second Oscar in three years.
The Dramatic Feature category was a bit more competitive, but prevailing pundit logic of Joe Walker's editorial of Arrival winning out proved to be correct. Can't argue with either of these winners. For me, they're easily the top two editing achievements of the year, with everything else eating their dust.

Zootopia claimed the Best Edited Animated Feature category as expected (though I'd have voted for Moana).

ESPN's massive O.J.: Made in America won the Documentary category for its team of editors. While I don't think this 7.5 hour mini-series should be competing with legit feature documentaries for any awards -- let alone ones for editing, in which the distinctions between long and short form media is even more pronounced -- I can't begrudge it this honour, or its eventual Oscar. I'm only one of five episodes into it myself, and I'm absolutely hooked. It is an exceptional feat.

Other guilds announcing their winners this weekend are the Producers Guild of America and the Screen Actors Guild.

Anybody who's predicting a film other than La La Land to win the all-important PGA is either looking for attention or drinking really funny water. Sure, the guild has surprised in recent years -- such as last year's baffling victory for The Big Short, which lost the Oscar anyways (a first in the expanded Best Picture era) -- but that's a facile argument.

If any true challenger to the musical juggernaut is going to announce itself, it'll be at SAG where La La Land is (understandably) not nominated for the prestigious Best Ensemble prize. Will it be Moonlight or Manchester by the Sea? I'm guessing SAG-AFTRA goes for the former.

The Supporting Actor/Actress races are likely going to Mahershala Ali and Viola Davis, but the Leading Actor/Actress contests aren't quite as cut and dry... yet. I'm banking on casey Affleck, but woudn't be completely shocked if Denzel pulled off the upset. As for the leading ladies, I'll guess Emma Stone but this race is currently tight between her, Huppert and Portman. Tomorrow night might be the deciding precursor.

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