Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Revenant and Mad Max stilling burning up the artisan guilds

The Cinema Audio Society and the Makeup and Hair Stylists Guild announced their best of the year last night, and unsurprisingly it was The Revenant and Mad Max: Fury Road (respectively) that came away as the big winners, solidifying their grasps on those correlative Oscar categories.

Mind you, these are still far from sure things, and the biggest competition these two movies face in Best Sound Mixing and Best Makeup and Hair are... each other.
Fury Road will probably prove The Revenant's biggest challenger in both sound categories, but whenever the Academy wishes to deviate from bombastic action movies, Best Sound Mixing is usually where they'll spread the wealth to a more respected Best Picture nominee. It's been a while since a movie won both the CAS and the BAFTA but still lost the Oscar (Walk the Line in 2006), and that well predates BAFTAs shift to mirror the AMPAS voting system.

[UPDATE: Forgot to mention Inside Out winning the CAS Award for feature animation. Excellent call, I say. It almost made my own lineup for its integration of the voices in Riley's head!]

As for the Makeup and Hair contest, it feels like a true coin flip between the two. Both feature extraordinary work and compelling hooks; Leo gets an awful lot of closeups to showcase those grisly grizzly wounds, while Mad Max has the most imaginative and iconic character designs of not just this year, but the last several years. With two guild wins and the BAFTA, I suppose that makes the latter the logical prediction.

All five feature film winners from the MHSG:

Best Period/Character Makeup: Mad Max: Fury Road One wonders what "period" this falls under, but I can't argue with such astonishing transformations.

Best Period/Character Hair: Cinderella Again, I feel they should split things up between period and fantasy, but I certainly won't protest this win. The hair styling in this one was good enough to even crack my own personal lineup.

Best Special Effects Makeup: Mad Max: Fury Road Well deserved, but I actually may have taken this opportunity to honour The Revenant's amazing prosthetics if I had a vote.

Best Contemporary Makeup: Furious 7 There's a head scratcher.

Best Contemporary Hair: Pitch Perfect 2 Some fun dos in this one.

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