Saturday, February 6, 2016

Awards-Nazi Award Nominations: Supporting Actress

Another busy Saturday in awards land. The Annie awards will name their top achievements in animation (are we expecting anything other than Inside Out?), while the DGA may provide us with our strongest clue as to who's really leading this year's opaque Best Director race. If anyone other than Adam McKay wins, will we see a split on Oscar night? If it's George Miller, do we really think he can turn the same trick with AMPAS? Not to jinx it or anything, but that would be the single coolest Oscar win I've ever seen... Too cool to actually happen, I'm sure.

As for me, I'll be taking care of my acting categories this weekend. Let's get the ball rolling with Best Supporting Actress, which hasn't been this competitive in years (and that's without fraudulent leading ladies posing as supporting players).

The ease with which Paulson is able to convey all of the details of Abby's past and present with Carol is sort of extraordinary, evoking perfect measures of stoic empathy and silent heartbreak.

KRISTEN STEWART in Clouds of Sils Maria
This problematic movie is at its best when Stewart trades rehearsal lines with Binoche for the drama within the drama, challenging our interpretation of their relationship; Incredibly difficult acting.

MYA TAYLOR in Tangerine
The perfect sober yin to Kiki Rodriguez's fiery yang, Taylor's work was easily Tangerine's most engaging element for me; A beautiful affirmation of the virtues and foibles that make us human.

What a delightful twist that this enigmatic turn is also Vikander's most awarded of the year. Ava is a complex, beguiling creation with a lot more going on under her skin than hyrdaulics and circuitry.

KATE WINSLET in Steve Jobs
Quibble if you must about the inconsistency of her accent. It doesn't diminish how surefootedly Winslet spars with a lead who is constantly pulling attention – and she pulls a whole lot of it back!

JUST missed:
Elizabeth Banks in Love & Mercy
Tessa Thompson in Creed
Julie Walters in Brooklyn

Other strong considerations:
Joan Allen in Room
Tuva Novotny in A War


  1. A little surprised Walter didn't make the cut, but all the same, no quibbles. A very fine list!

    1. She was sitting 6th. Hate making those decisions!

  2. Very neat lineup. My pick would be Vikander.

    My personal lineup:

    Rose Byrne, Spy (WINNER)
    Jennifer Jason Leigh, Anomalisa
    Kristen Stewart, Clouds of Sils Maria
    Tessa Thompson, Creed
    Alicia Vikander, Ex Machina (runner-up)

  3. Great picks. although i still think of MYA TAYLOR as a lead. lovely to see Paulson and not just cause she's an ACTUAL lesbian PLAYING a lesbian character. Kristen for the win!