Friday, January 15, 2016

Oscar nomination reactions coming later today...

Whew! What a whirlwind yesterday was.

The annual joy and ecstasy of parsing through the Academy's choices had me yoyo-ing on emotional highs and lows, ultimately settling on the satisfying high of Mad Max: Fury Road's impressive 10-nomination haul (second only to The Revenant's 12), only to come crashing down to a devastating blue period that lasted most of the day when I heard of the passing of Alan Rickman.

The man himself was never nominated for an Oscar, which pretty much sums up how little awards mean in the grand scheme of things, but a performer of his talent and stature scarcely needed one. He shall be missed.

But we soldier on. Later today I'll finally get around to publishing my own opinions and prediction stats (Foreign, Doc and Animation absolutely destroyed my percentage) from yesterday's madness.

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  1. Had this weird dream the night before the Oscar nominations that I woke up and the Oscars completely changed their format without telling anyone. This involved covering movies, television, music and even video games and following the People's Choice Award and choosing the "popular choice" as opposed to "the best choice". The nomination leaders were Furious 7 and Pitch Perfect 2. It was really weird.