Sunday, January 10, 2016

Golden Globes live blog

Only a couple of hours until the festivities begin. I'm not going to publish official predictions -- never been very good at this particular show -- but I'll tweet my guesses in real time as they're presented.

7:36 My rum-and-coke is empty already. Gonna need a refill before Ricky takes the stage. Best dressed so far are Saoirse Ronan in flowing white, Brie Larson in golden chain-mail, and JLo in mustard yellow.
7:50 Saoirse gives a flawless interview to go along with that flawless look. Best Actress could be a real tight race if she continues to crush it on the campaign trail like this.

8:05 Gervais, as always, running this into the ground. Picture editors having a tough time finding reaction shots of people laughing. The crassness is less bothersome than the fact that the jokes just aren't funny. At least it was short.

8:10 KATE WINSLET wins Supporting Actress! Didn't see that coming, but should we be that surprised? She's freakin' fantastic in Steve Jobs.

8:41 Still waiting for the next film award, but in the meantime we've had the stunning Viola Davis introduce the Carol clip, encouraging TV wins for Maura Tierny (big fan since Liar Liar) and Oscar Isaac, and a legitimately amusing category presentation by Andy Samberg.

8:55 ENNIO MORRICONE wins Original Score! If he gets an Oscar this year it may be the most satisfying win of the season. Quentin campaigning hard for him right now in this speech.

9:08 MATT DAMON wins for The Martian. No one didn't predict this, but will he been up for the Oscar? For those of us who've (perhaps willfully) forgot, winning the Comedy Globe was when Jean Dujardin took control of the 2011 Best Actor. Just sayin'...

9:16 INSIDE OUT wins Best Animated Feature.

9:20 SYLVESTER STALLONE win Supporting Actor! Standing O for Sly. Killer speech. So long as AMPAS doesn't snub him, that Oscar's his.

9:29 AARON SORKIN wins Screeplay! Two for Steve Jobs on the night. But it needed this before Oscar balloting ended.

9:42 SON OF SAUL wins Foreign Film. Inarguable, I think. Laszlo Nemes' acceptance speech was beautiful: "The Holocaust has become an abstraction. For me it is a face -- A human face. Let us never forget this face."

9:52 "Writing's on the Wall" wins Original Song. Ew. This is clearly residual Skyfall love rearing its head, right?

10:16 Denzel Washington takes the stage to accept the Cecil B. DeMille Award. Had a bit of trouble getting through his speech without his glasses, but still a nice moment. He is a true movie star with mad talent.

10:21 INARRITU win Director. Is this because they didn't give it to him last year?

10:33 JLAW wins Actress (Comedy). Thought this was Schumer's, what with this being her big year, but I guess HFPA's infatuation with Lawrence is still alive and well. This is her third in four years.

10:46 THE MARTIAN win Best Picture (Comedy). And the unscrupulous campaign pays off. I really like the movie, but I'm afraid I'll always have to hold this win against it. Could have been a valuable publicity moment for Ridley Scott regarding his Best Director chances, except that he wasted it reading his speech word for word off of cue cards. Oh well. He's still formidable, I say.

10:52 BRIE LARSON wins Actress (Drama)! She deserves it, and should win the Oscar. Her warm, grateful acceptance speech certainly won't hurt. That said, Saoirse's campaign should not be underestimated.

10:54 LEO win Actor (Drama). Everybody falling dutifully in line for him this year. His speech coulda been tighter, but he'll get to refine them over the course of the season. It's a perfect confluence of weak competition and a collective "he-deserves-it" attitude toward his career.

11:02 THE REVENANT win Best Picture (Drama). HFPA goes for Inarritu two years in a row. Rough night for Spotlight, surprisingly shutout by a group made up of journalists.

Good night, everybody!

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