Friday, April 10, 2015

Early Oscar Predictions: Animated Feature

Animated films are a special case in which the vast majority of the work is carried out in post. Years are often spent on the animation alone, and that's not even taking into account all the other elements such as effects, music and sound.

Walt Disney animation has dominated lately, winning back-to-back Best Animated Feature Oscars and two Best Animated Short Oscars in the last three years, but they have no feature in contention for 2015. With one of the big three American studios sitting it out, one would think that a DreamWorks entry should make the cut, but do Home or B.O.O.: Bureau of Otherwordly Operations really strike anyone as Oscar-worthy? I have my doubts.

Instead, it may be Disney's corporate acquisition Pixar that reclaims some of their lost lustre by double dipping, as for the first time ever they are cranking out two original films in the same year.
Pete Docter's Inside Out, which arrives this summer, looks like vintage Pixar in the best way, playing with an imaginative premise of anthropomorphizing human emotions that live inside a little girl's head. It looks like it'll be plenty of fun with lotsa good feels. I'm certainly looking forward to it.

They also have The Good Dinosaur, which may have a more awards-friendly November release date, but comes saddled with the caustic behind-the-scenes drama of writer-director Bob Peterson's dismissal and eventual replacement by Peter Sohn. Will the final product bear the scars of obvious creative differences?

Perhaps Blue Sky can charm nostalgia-hungry audiences with their take on the beloved characters of Peanuts. Will it be too kiddy, or might the existential humour of Schultz's comic strip find a welcome home on the big screen?
And then there are the foreign oddities. Arthouse animation savior GKIDS has already acquired Salma Hayek's passion project Kahlil Gibran's The Prophet, and the gorgeous-looking The Little Prince (directed by Kung-Fu Panda helmer Mark Osborne) may impress.

Also consider: B.O.O.: Bureau of Otherwordly Operations, Home, Minions, Shaun the Sheep Movie, When Marnie Was There


  1. I really want Inside Out to be really great! Pixar certainly needs another Best Picture nominee in contention what with missing out two years.

  2. No mention for animation legend Bill Plympton and his new film Cheatin'? I think his film definitely deserves to be in the conversation for Best Animated Feature.

    1. Ineligible. It was one of the 20 submissions last year.

  3. "vast majority of the work is carried out in post"

    That is incorrect. The amount of post work on almost every animated film is the same as a live action film. The vast majority of the work on an animated feature is done during actual production-overlapping from story creation, pre-production, and editorial.

    FX heavy films are dealt with primarily in post, but FX films and feature animation are not at all the same process.