Friday, April 3, 2015

Early Oscar Predictions: The Actresses

The annual complaint about Best Actress being a less competitive field than that of their male counterparts is perhaps more believable at this early predictive stage when scoping out potential contenders – It's no less false, it's just that the great, underrated female performances of the year haven't even been seen yet. Still, you don't have to look far to find a whole bunch of leading ladies that show a lot of promise for their upcoming films.
One that has had cinephiles squealing with excitement for some time now is Cate Blanchett in Todd Haynes' eagerly awaited Carol, in which the two-time Oscar winner plays a character who finds herself falling for another woman. Either of her costars – Rooney Mara and Sarah Paulsen – could make a splash in the supporting race as well.

Jennifer Lawrence, by virtue of being Hollywood's 'it' girl, must always be considered for awards attention, especially when reuniting with the likes of David O. Russell, who directed her to two consecutive Oscar nods (plus one win). In Joy, she plays single-mom-turned-entrepreneur Joy Mangano. Has AMPAS tired of J-Law yet, or will her star power coupled with the end-of-year release of the final Hunger Games instalment provide her with enough momentum to earn nomination #4?
Jared Leto quipped at this year's Oscars that it was state law for Meryl Streep to be nominated every year. Har har and all that, but it's long been a law of awards prognostication that you never bet against her getting a nomination. She may be able to sing herself to yet another one in Ricki and the Flash, and rock music drama from writer Diablo Cody and director Jonathan Demme that's arriving in that plum late August counter programming slot.

One hopeful whose performance has already been seen and highly praised at Sundance is Saoirse Ronan for her work in the romantic drama Brooklyn. Unlike other child actors who fall into obscurity after enjoying early Oscar success, Ronan's career since her Best Supporting Actress nod for Atonement has been brimming with interesting projects and quality work. Feels like the time is right for her second nomination.
Another Sundance star who many would like to see get a second career nomination (albeit 40 years after her first!) is Lily Tomlin for the indie road trip movie Grandma. The film was picked up by Sony Pictures Classics, and with a little nurturing and a savvy campaign, they could usher the beloved Tomlin to a number of red carpets next winter.

Not be counted out of this discussion as well are Sandra Bullock, Marion Cotillard, Carey Mulligan, Emma Stone, Alicia Vikander, and Naomi Watts, just a few of the names that we might see in the mix.

And what of the supporting women? We had a bumper crop of contenders last year, and hopefully this year can live up to it.

There's the aforementioned Rooney Mara in Carol, but she's not the only entrant co-starring in a lesbian drama. Ellen Page has a shot of revisiting the awards fray as Julianne Moore's dying partner in Freeheld, the dramatization of an Oscar-winning short documentary.
In a cast dominated by men, Jennifer Jason Leigh could end up being the one of eight that stands out in The Hateful Eight. Those who've read the script have declared that her part has big potential.

Other supporting ladies with irons in the fire include Kristen Stewart (who just won a Cesar for Clouds of Sils Maria), Katherine Waterston, Amy Ryan, and Julie Walters, just to name a handful.

Best Actress
Cate Blanchett Carol
Jennifer Lawrence Joy
Saoirse Ronan Brooklyn
Meryl Streep Ricki and the Flash
Lily Tomlin Grandma

Best Supporting Actress
Jennifer Jason Leigh The Hateful Eight
Rooney Mara Carol
Ellen Page Freeheld
Kristen Stewart Clouds of Sils Maria
Katherine Waterston Steve Jobs

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