Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Oscar Postmortem Pt. 3: John Travolta must be stopped

This is about as silly a microcosm of last Sunday's Academy Awards broadcast there is, but I feel like this level of snarkiness merits its own post.

You'd think John Travolta would have learned to tread more carefully when the whole world is watching him on camera. Last year's infamous "Adele Dazeem" flub -- the hilarious mispronunciation of Idina Menzel's name -- seems destined to be one of those celebrity bloopers that stands the test of time, admittedly dogging Travolta far more than the sporting Menzel.

Banking on the longevity of this much Twitter-ized and parodied moment, producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron had the wherewithal to have Menzel and Travolta present an award together, with Menzel introducing him as "Glom Gazingo".

Cute banter ensued (in fact, the only funny presenter shtick of the night), but so did this...

[Menzel whispers:] "send help..."

... and social media exploded once again with a fresh wave of mockery to last us until next year.

Now Travolta's publicists insist that the entire moment was staged (in which case Menzel deserves an Oscar herself for looking so convincingly terrified), which would be easy enough to buy if he hadn't also been necking ScarJo on the red carpet earlier that evening!

Meanwhile, others have memed the hell out of a screencap which shows Travolta's face -- looking like his own statue from Madam Tousseau's House of Wax -- glaring at Benedict Cumberbatch from behind. This is my favourite of them:

"Brendadirk Cramplescrunch" will never not be funny.

Sorry to pick on ya, John, but this social media circus truthfully brought me more laughter on Oscar night than anything the show writers could come up with. But just to show that I don't have it out for him and him alone, I'll mention that Kerry Washington was getting in on the face-touching action well before Travolta on Oscar night:

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  1. Travolta does need to be stopped. His creepiness has made me uncomfortable. Plus, I think he's been doing a lot of plastic surgery as of late in order to try and remain youthful or maybe it's that Scientology juice he's been drinking that's been wracking his brain as of late. He needs to be banned from the Oscars.