Thursday, January 8, 2015

Makeup and Hair Guild Nominations

The Academy's nomination balloting closes today, but the Makeup and Hairstylists Guild has chimed in before that final bell (there are four other guilds announcing next week, so their nominees will have no influence on Oscar).

This guild hadn't regularly given out awards for some time, until they decided to revive the tradition last year, honouring several films among which was the eventual Oscar winner Dallas Buyers Club.

Leading the field this year are Guardians of the Galaxy and Into the Woods, each receiving three nominations across five categories. Guardians is looking good for an Oscar nod (and possibly the win), but Into the Woods failed to even make the short list.

Besides Guardians, other Oscar finalists which find representation here include The Grand Budapest Hotel and The Theory of Everything each with a pair, and Foxcatcher and Maleficent each with a single citation for their transformative prosthetics. Noah and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 were shut out entirely.

One final side note before we dig into the nominees: This guild needs to do a better job with their categorizations. How do they determine what counts as contemporary as opposed to period makeup/hair, and how do they account for fantasy offerings? Hunger Games gets called period, while Guardians of the Galaxy gets called contemporary? I haven't exactly seen a lot of modern day folks walking around looking like this:
This was a problem last year too, which saw The Butler classified as contemporary and Dallas Buyers Club as period, but enough of that. On to this year's slate:

Best Contemporary Makeup

Captain America: The Winter Soldier
 - Allan Apone, Nicole Sortillon, Lisa Rocco
Gone Girl
 - Kate Biscoe, Gigi Williams

Guardians of the Galaxy - Elizabeth Yianni-Georgiou

 - Luisa Abel, Jay Wejebe

Nightcrawler - Donald Mowat, Malanie Romero

I gotta go with Nightcrawler on this one. Gyllenhaal can only lose so much weight, but it's up to the makeup folks to embellish his skeletal features. This category was won by Prisoners last year, so maybe Nightcrawler actually has a half decent shot at winning this too?

Best Period and/or Character Makeup

Mockingjay - Part 1
 - Ve Neill, Nikoletta Skarlatos, Conor McCullagh

Into the Woods - Peter Swords King

The Grand Budapest Hotel
 - Frances Hannon, Julie Dartnell

The Theory of Everything
 - Jan Sewell, Lesley Smith

 - Toni G., Nik Dorning

Unbroken deserves to be given a good hard look here for its brutally authentic battering of Jack O'Connell's face in just about every scene. That said, it'll probably be Grand Budapest or Theory of Everything, and I can't argue with either of those options.

Best Special Effects Makeup

Foxcatcher - Bill Corso, Dennis Liddiard

Guardians of the Galaxy - David White

Into the Woods - J. Roy Helland, Matthew Smith

 - Rick Baker, Toni G., Arjen Tuiten

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies
 - Gino Acevedos

I think most would agree that Guardians has this sewn up for both quality and quantity. But I wouldn't be shocked if fellow Oscar finalists Foxcatcher or Maleficent take it instead.

Best Contemporary Hairstyling

 - Jerry Popolis, Kat Drazen

Guardians of the Galaxy
 - Elizabeth Yianni-Georgiou

 - Patricia Dehaney, Jose L. Zamora

St. Vincent
 - Suzy Mazzarese-Allison

Winter's Tale - Alan D'Angerio and Jasen Sica

Guardians has the most elaborate work, but toss a die.

Best Period and/or Character Hairstyling

Get on Up
 - Carla Farmer, Shannon Bakeman

Into the Woods
 - Peter Swords King, J. Roy Helland

Selma - Melissa Forney, Pierce Austin

The Grand Budapest Hotel
 - Frances Hannon, Julie Dartnell

The Theory of Everything
 - Jan Sewell, Agnes Legere

Might go to Get on Up for James Brown's distinctive 60's mop, but I'd vote for Grand Budapest.

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