Wednesday, January 7, 2015

'Imitation Game' sneaks into ASC nominees

I've liked a lot of movies for their cinematography this year. Even films that I'm not crazy about on the whole (Unbroken, Inherent Vice, The Homesman) have impressed with their photographic imagery, and I still have yet to see both of Bradford Young's 2014 projects, Selma and A Most Violent Year.
It makes it all the more a shame that the American Society of Cinematographers can only nominate five (barring a tie like last year). This year they are:

Birdman - Emmanuel Lubezki
The Grand Budapest Hotel - Robert Yeoman
The Imitation Game - Oscar Faura
Mr. Turner - Dick Pope
Unbroken - Roger Deakins

It looks like Lubezki's collecting interest on his overdue Oscar win from last year. He should have had two statues before Gravity, so you won't find me complaining when he becomes the first DP to go back-to-back since John Toll won consecutively in 95/96.

(Unless Interstellar pops up on the Oscar ballot, which might give me pause. The guild and AMPAS rarely go 5/5.)

But looking at the nominees, one of these things is not like the other. I like The Imitation Game as much as the next man, but Best Cinematography of the year? Not even close. This is more of an indication of how popular the film is. It feels very much like a Best Picture winner in the same vein as The King's Speech, and will probably clean up Oscar nominations in categories where other films should be given greater consideration.

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  1. I actually liked the cinematography in The Imitation Game, and I'm surprised it didn't get mentioned until now.