Sunday, January 11, 2015

Golden Globes live blog

The stars are arriving. The show will start in an hour and a bit. Pumped up!!!

(You can read lots of fashion snark on Twitter, including from me, but I'll keep this space clear until the show starts)

Show is minutes away. I'll just say this about the red carpet fashions. Keira Knightley loses. Emma Stone wins

Tina and Amy start off strong with dozens of zingers, although the template of "[celebrity x] is here..." grew a tad repetitive. End with an hilarious game of Would You Rather.

"I'll take Inarritu: One take, 2 hours straight."
"I'll take Linklater: Five minutes, once a year."

Not a fan of those Cosby jokes though. Neither was Jessica Chastain, hiding her face in mortification in the front row.

Best Supporting Actor goes to J.K. SIMMONS
Decent speech. Thanks Chazelle, Teller, longtime collaborator Reitman, and his wife, the mother of his "adorable, above-average children".

Jeremy Renner quips of co-presenter JLo and her deeeeep V-neck dress, "You got the globes too." HA!

Billy Bob Thornton might have just delivered the best speech of the night: "No matter what you say, you get in trouble. So I'm just gonna say 'thank you'."

Prez of HFPA gets biggest applause he (or any other awards body prez) has ever gotten on live awards show, by speaking in support of freedom of expression, and "standing against anyone who would surpress that freedom, from North Korea to France." Standing ovation.

Best Original Score goes to Johann Johannsson for THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING. I've felt since seeing the film that he's the most likely winner of this year's Oscar.

Prince in the house to present Best Original Song (which he calls "score"). And the winner is "GLORY" by Common & John Legend from Selma. It may be an easy Oscar consolation prize for the film if it doesn't take hold in any other category, and I'd be fine with that. I was in John Legend's corner on 2010 for his song from Waiting for Superman, so it's nice to see him win something.

Ugh. Gervais on stage. Shut. The f***. Up.
Best Actress, Comedy/Musical goes to AMY ADAMS in Big Eyes. Frances McDormand not impressed. Damn. Was really pulling for Blunt. With this and her recent BAFTA nod, is Amy still in that fifth Best Actress slot? I've never felt comfortable with the Aniston prediction.

Best Animated Film goes to HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 2!!!! Hell yeah! So glad this won over LEGO Movie.

Best Supporting Actress goes to PATRICIA ARQUETTE. Looking like a sweeper. Thanks Linklater for allowing her to "shine a light on this woman and so many women like her."

North Korea bit is not that great. Worse yet is Wiig and Hader spending two minutes misquoting movie lines. Anyway, Best Screenplay goes to BIRDMAN! Nice choice!

Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin with the only truly funny presenter banter of the night, dispelling the stigma that "men are no good at comedy". Ha (I see what they did there)!

Best Foreign Film goes to LEVIATHAN. Called it! Could its high profile politics give it an edge in the Oscar race? It'll need the nomination first.

9:50 Maggie Gyllenhaal wins a TV category. Frances McDormand, again, with a marvelous deadpan reaction. Maggie gives a lovely speech about diversity for women roles.
Credit @bobbyfinger

Clooney gets up to accept Cecil B. Mille award. Decent clip reel. Speech is a little touch and go.

Harrison Ford with his typically fatigued sounding presentation of Best Director: RICHARD LINKLATER. I think he gets this Oscar prize with or without the corresponding Best Picture. But he might wanna tighten/spice up those speeches.

Best Actor, Musical/Comedy: MICHAEL KEATON! Swell speech. Smoothe, earnest, and emotional at the end. Ran a tad long, but he's earned it. Could go a long way on the campaign. I still think he has an uphill battle to win the Oscar.

Best Picture, Comedy/Musical goes to THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL! First big shocker of the night. Lost screenplay and actor but pulled it out in the end. I thought it would be the other way around (Birdman for Picture and Budapest for Screenplay). Wes Anderson gives an adorably witty speech that sends up the tendency for awards winner to simply list obscure names.

Show is running long so the last few awards are being rushed along.

Best Actress, Drama goes to JULIANNE MOORE. Probably your Oscar winner.

Best Actor, Drama goes to EDDIE REDMAYNE. Called it. Keaton's chief competition. Now he gets to charm every TV viewer with a charming, eloquent, very British speech.

Best Picture, Drama goes to BOYHOOD! Look how happy Ethan and Ellar are! And now it will be considered the frontrunner. Call me a cynic, but I don't see it winning the Oscar. But I'll discuss that another day. Bed time. G'night!


  1. I don't care about all the other winners. How To Train Your Dragon 2 won Best Animated Feature, that's good enough for me!

  2. Just asking, when are you planning on announcing the nominees for the AwardsNazi awards? I always look forward to those.

    1. Beginning on Friday and continuing through out the following five weeks.