Sunday, January 11, 2015

Golden Globe Preview

The Globes are tonight (yay!!!), starring Tina Fey and Amy Poeller in their last hosting gig for the show (no!!!).

I'll be live blogging the event same as I have the last two years, because this show is just so much more fun than the Oscars lately! And contrary to popular belief, their winners have been pretty respectable. I mean, just look at this year's Best Director lineup: Anderson, DuVernay, Fincher, Inarritu, and Linklater. How do you choose a bad winner amongst those? You can't!

The proceedings start around 7:00 p.m. EST, so check back here for the post and refresh it throughout the night. Below I've listed my sure-to-be-inaccurate predictions, but what else is knew.

Best Picture - Drama

Best Picture - Musical/Comedy

Best Director
Richard Linklater

Best Actor - Drama
Eddie Redmayne

Best Actress - Drama
Julianne Moore

Best Actor - Musical/Comedy
Michael Keaton

Best Actress - Musical/Comedy
Emily Blunt

Best Supporting Actor
J.K. Simmons

Best Supporting Actress
Patricia Arquette

Best Screenplay
The Grand Budapest Hotel
(I'm starting to smell an Oscar winner here... but I could be wrong)

Best Animated Film
The LEGO Movie

Best Foreign Film

Best Original Score

Best Original Song
"Yellow Flicker Beat", Mockingjay Part 1


  1. My predix.

    Drama: Boyhood
    Comedy: Grand Budapest
    Actor - Drama: Gyllenhaal
    Actor - Comedy: Keaton
    Actress - Drama: Moore
    Actress - Comedy: Blunt
    Sup. Actor: Simmons
    Sup. Actress: Chastain (no guts no glory)
    Director: Linklater
    Screenplay: Grand Budapest
    Score: Interstellar
    Song: "Glory"
    Animation: LEGO Movie
    Foreign: Force Majeure

    1. I win! Good call on Grand Budapest, though.