Tuesday, January 13, 2015

CAS Nominees include... Interstellar?

The Cinema Audio Society has named their choices for the best sound mixes of the year, and the biggest jaw-dropper is that apparently they heard something in Interstellar that the rest of us couldn't hear (literally, couldn't hear). How can this happen? And from a group of sound mixing professionals, no less!?!
I wonder if, assuming it gets the nominations, it might take both sound categories at the Oscars just because it seems on paper to be that 'type' of movie. Do the right thing, Academy: Actually listen to the films and decide what you think has the best sound.

For instance, a film like, say, Birdman (also nominated by the CAS) is a great example of a movie wherein the clarity of the sound recording and post-production mix does an excellent job of pulling you into the scene.

Two of the other nominees are ones I'm currently predicting for Oscar nods; American Sniper and Unbroken, although I have to think long and hard about the latter's real chances. Rounding out the five is Guardians of the Galaxy, which I wouldn't expect to score anywhere beyond effects and makeup with AMPAS.

The five CAS nominees, again, are:

American Sniper
Guardians of the Galaxy

The animated contenders after the cut.

Big Hero 6
The Boxtrolls
How to Train Your Dragon 2
The LEGO Movie
The Penguins of Madagascar

If it were up to me, this would be an easy win for Dragons 2, but sweeper mentality may ultimately see it go to The LEGO Movie.


  1. People are too hard on Interstellar's mix. Sure it's not awardsworthy by any mean, but I thought it was fine overall. Maybe I have been an unflagging supporter of the film since it's one of my favourites of 2014, but I think people are a bit too hard on the film, it's sound mix included.

  2. What exactly did you not like about 'Interstellar''s mix?

    1. Nolan's not a big proponent of surround sound. Interstellar was very heavy on all the front speaker channels when it would have done better to shift the music and ambient sounds to the side or rear. When all the sound is coming from the same location (front) it's harder to differentiate them, and that can diminish the clarity dialogue.

      I'm not accusing anyone of screwing up unintentionally. It's an artistic choice on Nolan's part, just not one that gels with me or my ears.

  3. That's fair. I actually really do like his mix, his choices for loudness and quietness. It really immersed me into the movie.