Monday, January 5, 2015

ADG nominees

The announcement everyone will have their eyes on today is the Producers Guild nominations, but in the meantime the Art Directors Guild has sounded off on the year's best production design. Will our Academy's Best Production Design ballot be a sampling of these fifteen films, or will one or two titles passed over by the guild make their way to an Oscar nod? I notice that Mr. Turner was ignored in the Period category (um... what?), but there's always one guild snubbee that gets a second wind.

Check out the nominees with some commentaries/wild guesses after the cut.

Contemporary Film
American Sniper - James J. Murakami, Charisse Cardenas
Birdman - Kevin Thompson
Foxcatcher - Jess Gonchor
Gone Girl - Donald Graham Burt
Nightcrawler - Kevin Kavanaugh
More good news for American Sniper and Nightcrawler, both of which surprised with ACE nominations on Friday. If the PGA validates them later today, then we really have to consider them threats for a Best Picture nod. The three that round out this category are a fine selections. I'm particularly fond of the mention for Foxcatcher. I guess late 80s isn't old enough for a Period classification after all. Just as well, since Gonchor wouldn't have stood a chance there.
Will win??? Birdman
Should win: Foxcatcher

Period Film
The Grand Budapest Hotel - Adam Stockhausen
The Imitation Game - Maria Djurkovic
Inherent Vice - David Crank
The Theory of Everything - John Paul Kelly
Unbroken - Jon Hutman
The Mr. Turner snub is pretty laughable. Did not enough member see it in time? Open in January at your own risk when it comes to awards hunting. Funny how I never actually considered the sets of Grand Budapest Hotel to be "period" until now. That beautifully stylized world is so very much its own place that I struggle to associate with a non-fictional era.
Will and should win: The Grand Budapest Hotel

Fantasy Film
Captain America: The Winter Soldier - Peter Wenham
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes - James Chinlund
Guardians of the Galaxy - Charles Wood
Interstellar - Nathan Crowley
Into the Woods - Dennis Gassner
Strange how the Captain America sequel (which is largely contemporary) gets chalked up by this guild when its predecessor (whose period stylings were arguably more fantastical) got snubbed. Into the Woods is probably the only one of these with a reasonable shot at an Oscar nod, but I think Intestellar or Apes would be more deserving options.
Will win: Into the Woods
Should win: Interstellar

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  1. Though a little milder, I did like the sets of Guardians too. I thought that was a pretty neat inclusion.