Friday, January 2, 2015

ACE Eddie nominees yield a couple of surprises

Next week promises to be a crazy busy one for awards watchers with no less than six guilds announcing their nominees. But getting a jump on all of them are the American Cinema Editors, who offered up their opinion of the best edited films of the year this morning.

Most of the biggest players in the Best Picture race found some love from the editors, except for Selma which might be suffering the effects of a super late release.

But the more interesting than any snubs are the entrants that weren't entirely expected: Nightcrawler and American Sniper both turned up in the Drama category -- which has six nominees due to a tie -- and that can only be a good omen for these Best Picture dark horses during this crucial voting period (ballots went out on Monday and are due next Thursday).

Check out all the nominees with some additional comments after the cut.

Best Editing (Dramatic Feature Film)
American Sniper - Joel Cox, Gary Roach
Boyhood - Sandra Adair
Gone Girl - Kirk Baxter
The Imitation Game - William Goldenberg
Nightcrawler - John Gilroy
Whiplash - Tom Cross
I wouldn't count out Selma from popping up on nomination day, but I could see as many as four of these making the Academy's final cut (heehee). As for the winner, I wonder if my Gone Girl hunch might turn out to be more than just a hunch.

Best Editing Feature Film (Comedy or Musical)
Birdman - Douglas Crise, Stephen Mirrione
The Grand Budapest Hotel - Barney Pilling
Guardians of the Galaxy - Fred Rasking, Hughes Winborn, Craig Wood
Into the Woods - Wyatt Smith
Inherent Vice - Leslie Jones
Birdman is probably the only one of these with a shot at an corresponding Oscar nomination, and therefore the one most likely to win this prize. However, I think I might just have to throw my rooting interest behind The Grand Budapest Hotel. Such precise comedic rhythm!

Best Edited Animated Feature Film
Big Hero 6 - Tim Mertens
The Boxtrolls - Edie Ichioka
The LEGO Movie - David Burrow, Chris McKay
Ouch(!) for How to Train Your Dragon 2. I personally wouldn't have considered giving this prize to anybody else. It's probably going to the manic splicing of The LEGO Movie.

Best Edited Documentary (Feature)
Citizenfour - Mathilde Bonnefoy
Finding Vivian Maier - Aaron Wickenden
Glen Campbell: I'll Be Me - Elisa Bonora
More good tidings for Citizenfour on its march towards Oscar.


  1. No How To Train Your Dragon 2 nom is shocking to say the least.

  2. I remember how Brave's Eddie victory paved the way for its upset victory at the Oscars.

    1. I'm not sure I'd consider Brave's Oscar win an 'upset'; More of a two-horse race with a photo finish.