Friday, December 19, 2014

Foreign shortlist arrives; 'Shocking' omissions as always (but is it really shocking at this point?)

Nine films have been chosen to move on in the race for Best Foreign Language Film, and will be screened for nominating committee members over the coming weeks.

Every year, there are critically praised titles that miss this cut and have their awards hopes dashed early. For many, it even dictates whether or not they'll get a North American release. Suffering the cruel sting of omission this year is the Belgium's Two Days, One Night, centred around an acclaimed performance from Marion Cotillard (although many believe she still has an angle on a Best Actress nomination).

Has for the high profile entry from my home and native land -- that would be Xavier Dolan's Mommy -- I honestly can't say I was expecting Quebec's infant terrible to break through with the relatively aged volunteer committee. I suppose the executive committee could have saved it, but perhaps they had their hands full saving other would-be snubbees.

It's a popular theory that Russia's politically conscious Leviathan would have needed the exec committee's interference to stay afloat. And even though Force Majeure is picking up critics prizes right, left and centre, I wonder if it may have needed the life raft too, as its chilly dark humour isn't the sort of the thing the general membership often goes for.
The finalist in arguably the best position is Poland's Ida, which was an art house success earlier this year (I've only recently caught up with it and quite liked it) and could even figure into the Best Cinematography conversation.

Here are the nine:

Accused, The Netherlands
Corn Island, Georgia
Force Majeure, Sweden
Ida, Poland
Leviathan, Russia
The Liberator, Venezuela
Tangerines, Estonia
Timbuktu, Mauritania
Wild Tales, Argentina

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  1. While I am upset over Xavier Dolan's snub, his tweet he made in reaction to him not making it in is hilarious.