Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Oscar Postmortem Pt. 2: Sweet closure

My full review of the Oscar telecast will be up sometime in the next few days, but there's one microcosm of the show I wanted to address while it's still fresh in my mind.

Far and away the most heartbreaking part of Sunday's ceremony, for me at least, was seeing Adele Dazeem (aka: Idina Menzel) struggle through her performance of the Oscar-winning power ballad "Let It Go" from Frozen. To say I was psyched for this moment would be an understatement. I fully hoped and expected it to be the musical highlight of the night. But much as I love Menzel -- and Lord knows she doesn't have to prove her talent to anybody at this point in her celebrated career -- I couldn't close my ears and pretend not to notice how nervous she sounded; A rushed half-beat ahead, voice quivering (not in commanding vibrato either), and you can definitely hear it cracking on that last high note. Her disappointed facial expression afterwards says it all. Was she distracted by John Travolta's dyslexic mispronunciation of her name? Was it the damp air from all that rain (maybe the cold DOES bother her anyway)? Whatever the cause, it was more than a little saddening.

But whatever. She's a stunning talent even on her off days, and there was never any question that she'd take the bitter with the better and rebound in no time. She, and fans of the song, can finally see her nail it live courtesy of Jimmy Fallon and the Roots, who accompanied her in this uber-cute rendition of the song played on classroom instruments. Watch it below:


Ah, sweet closure!


  1. I do blame Travolta. He ruins everything!

    LOL, and this just goes to prove that a more relaxed setting can change everything. She was incredible here. Love her!

  2. I think maybe Adele Dazeem should someone's stage name.

    I didn't notice anything. I loved Menzel's performance and thought it was really good, but I guess you just had better ears that I did.