Sunday, February 16, 2014

Makeup and Hairstylists Guild winners

The Makeup and Hairstylists Guild handed out hardware for the first time in 10 years last night, and two of this year's Oscar nominees came away with winning honours; Bad Grandpa and Dallas Buyers Club, the latter of which I'm predicting to triumph with the Academy.
Winners and brief opinions after the cut.

Best Contemporary Hairstyling: Lee Daniels' The Butler
Okay, how is the hairstyling on this picture in any way "contemporary"? It won for its 60s bobs, 70s afros, and distinct presidential coiffures, all of which are period. At least it's something that the film was able to win after being rudely omitted from the bakeoff list.

Best Contemporary Makeup: Prisoners
The work done on Paul Dano over the course of this film was impressively grisly.

Best Period Hairstyling: American Hustle
No way it was going to lose this, but perhaps it makes the Oscar snub all the more painful. It would surely have been the film's one bankable win of the night, but now it's seriously in danger of being shut out like True Grit.

Best Period/Character Makeup: Dallas Buyers Club
So let me get this straight: The Butler, which spans the turn of the century to modern day, is considered contemporary, but Dallas Buyers Club, which is set in the 80s, is period? Might wanna come up with a more sharply defined line between the two, MHG. But anyway, I'm glad it was Dallas Buyers Club, beating out Oscar competition The Lone Ranger no less.

Best Special Effects Makeup: Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa
I wonder more and more if it might be this one, and not The Lone Ranger, that stands the best chance of upsetting Dallas Buyers Club for the Oscar. The gimmick alone of the makeup being able to fool real people might earn it some novelty votes.

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