Sunday, February 2, 2014

Frozen leads Annie Award winners

Frozen won five ANNIE Awards tonight including Best Animated Feature, further solidifying its stranglehold on the Oscar. But as the ANNIEs have been more prone to doing in recent years since adjusting their voting system, the wealth was spread out a bit. Monsters University won a pair and The Croods won three. Even The Wind Rises surprisingly popped up as the winner for Best Writing.

Over in the Short Subjects category, Oscar frontrunner Get a Horse won the day, so make of that what you will. Seems like as decent an Oscar prediction as any.

Check out the feature film winners after the cut.

Patrick Warburton dragging this opening monologue out waaaaayyyyy too long, but there's one good line in there:

"Disney finally decided to acknowledge all those rumors about Walt, and they did with billboard's all over town (classy). Everywhere you go, billboards saying: Disney. Frozen."


Best Student Film: Wedding Cake Tom Kenny and Cloris Leachman totally co-opting this girl's speech. Oh, and she lost her shoes on the way to the stage because, in Laechman's own words, "the steps are treacherous".

Best Storyboarding: Monsters University Cloris Leachman is unhappy it's not The Croods. I'm not.

Best Editorial: Monsters University I'm sure this all comes as little compensation to Pixar given the Oscar snub.

Someone has to muzzle Cloris Leachman. She is making this ALL about her. Can I call for a moratorium on that limp "Cecily" joke?

June Foray on hand to present the June Foray Award (natch) to Alice Davis.

Presenting special jury awards now. Zzzzzzzz...

Best Character Design: The Croods Frozen sporting a big ole goose egg so far, but only specialized voters can vote on these 'technical' prizes. The whole huge membership votes on the production categories of writing, directing, and best picture.

Best Music: Frozen You knew it was gonna win this one.

Best Animated Effects (Animated Production): The Croods

Best Animated Effects (Live-Action Production): Pacific Rim At least this won something this year for its brilliant animation.

Best Short Subject: Get a Horse! As though it'd be anything else. Likely the Oscar frontrunner.

Hal T. Hickell (Oscar-robbed this year for Pacific Rim) is totally geeking out over Phil Tippett, who's receiving a special award tonight. Loving it!

Not loving Tippet's rambling. Having a bit of a Jacqueline Bisset moment, trying to play him off and he just talks over it.

Katsuhiro Otomo accepting his special award now. Never cared that much for his most famous film Akira, but appreciate its influence.

Best Character Animation (Live-Action Production): Golloum, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Was this not eligible last year?

Best Character Animation (Animated Production): The Croods

Best Production Design: Frozen Thank GOD this didn't go to The Croods. Frozen was the only one that should have won in my opinion. It almost cracked my own Production Design ballot!

Best Voice Acting: Josh Gad, Frozen

Best Writing: Hayao Miyazaki, The Wind Rises Now there's a surprise!

Best Directing: Chris Buck & Jennifer Lee, Frozen

Best Animated Feature: Frozen

And I'm going to bed. Too many special awards tonight, ASIFA.

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