Sunday, January 12, 2014

Golden Globes live blog

The Golden Globes are starting in about 15 minutes, and I'll be updating with my commentary on developments as they happen.

7:50 Got my port poured and ready to go. Let's end these inane red carpet interviews and get the show rolling.

8:00 And we're off!

8:07 Fey and Poeller crushing it. So many killer one-liners. The best one: "Gravity is a movie about how George Clooney would rather float away into space and die than spend one more moment with woman his own age."

8:10 Lots of BIG laughs in that opening bit. A few bombs, but I loved most of it.

8:11 Best Supporting Actress to... J-Law for American Hustle. I'm batting 100 in my predictions!

8:13 J-Law her usual, charmingly flustered self during acceptance speech; praises fellow nominees, "I saw all the movies this year, well not all the movies but you know what I mean." Ha! Big Oscar boost, but Nyong'o still formidable.

8:16 I don't know who this Scotish lady is [Jacqueline Bisset, it turns out], but she is DRUNK. Managed to silence the play-off music by quoting her mother, "Go to hell and don't come back!" Someone get that lady some smelling salts!

8:23 So far the presenter banter is completely minimized. I could get used to this.

8:28 Matt Damon, introducing the Captain Phillips clip, de-trivializes Tina and Amy's "Tam Honks" joke by earnestly declaring that Tom Hanks is "a national treasure". That he is.

8:36 That Margot Robbie is a stunner. And they strand her by flashing the wrong text on the teleprompter, forced to read the Wolf of Wall Street intro from a sheet of paper.

8:39 Brian Cranston finally makes good with a Globe win for Breaking Bad's last season. I really do have to give that show a look one of these days.

8:48 Wow. The actual Philomena Lee on stage with Steve Coogan. Kinda reaching, Weinstein...

8:50 Best Original Score goes to... All Is Lost. Not sure it'll even manage an Oscar nomination on Thursday, but good on Alex Ebert.

8:55 Best Original Song goes to... "Ordinary Love" from Mandela. I guess I should have counted on HFPA going for celebrity. U2 up on stage to accept. Frozen still the one to beat for Oscar.

9:08 Best Actress Comedy/Musical goes to... Amy Adams for American Hustle. Looks like the victory for this film in Best Picture Comedy/Musical is pretty much assured now, as if it wasn't before.

9:11 I haven't seen American Hustle yet, but I find it pretty hard to justify denying Delpy. That said, nice to Amy Adams win an award for once. Seems like groups always nominate her just to nominate her. Ever a bridesmaid.

9:17 Hilarious "Mr. Golden Globe" bit with Amy Poeller as Fey's son from a previous relationship. That joke about the father possibly being Harvey Weinstein is brilliant on multiple levels. Dude sleeps with EVERYONE in Hollywood!

9:22 Best Supporting Actor goes to... Jared Leto in Dallas Buyers Club. Surely the Oscar is his to lose.

9:29 Best Screenplay goes to... Her. I guess American Hustle is mortal after all. Yay, Spike Jonze! I still wonder about his Oscar chances.

9:33 Bombing my predictions so far. 2/6. Yikes.

9:42 Best Foreign Film goes to... The Great Beauty, shortlisted for the Oscar. Could it be a threat?

9:53 Best Animated Feature goes to... Frozen. No shocker.

9:56 Amy Poeller wins for Parks and Recreation! Can we give her and Fey a Globe just for tonight's hosting gig?

10:10 Emma Stone introduces Cecil B. Demille award to Woody Allen... who is not there. Naturally. Excellent clip reel. Diane Keaton accepts, ends with a song.

10:16 Best Director goes to... Alfonso Cuaron for Gravity! Hell yeah!!!

10:24 Am I crazy for thinking that Cuaron wins Best Director even if Gravity loses Best Picture? Predicting a split like that is risky, especially after there was a rare split just last year.

10:27 Best Actor Comedy/Musical goes to... Leo in The Wolf of Wall Street. Would've opted for Dern or Isaac, but he is hilarious in that movie. Among the best work of his career. Super classy speech too.

10:38 Best Picture Comedy/Musical goes to... American Hustle. Is it in the Oscar driver's seat?

10:40 Charles Roven is happy to be able to "make movies about people". Aren't most movies about people, Charlie?

10:45 Best Actress Drama goes to Cate Blanchett in Blue Jasmine. The unstoppable march to Oscar continues. Leo mispronounces Philomena as "Philomania". Now I would LOVE to see THAT movie!

10:49 Best Actor Drama goes to... Matthew McConaughey for Dallas Buyers Club! Love him in that movie. Looks like 12 Years a Slave gets shut out though. Apparently HFPA wasn't crazy about it. Question is: who gets the Oscar. Still anyone's trophy.

10:54 McConaughey charms with a laid back speech that'll add a lot of fuel to the Oscar campaign. Hard to imagine, but 12 Years a Slave could end up taking home only a solitary Oscar for Adapted Screenplay. Is the industry really that intimidated by this movie?

10:57 Best Picture Drama goes to.. 12 Years a Slave!!! Shocker! After losing everything else it was up for, the slavery drama trumps all in Best Picture. How did THAT happen?

Big surprise to end the evening. And at that, I'm going to bed. Be back with a brief recap tomorrow. G'night!

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