Thursday, January 9, 2014

Art Directors Guild nominees

The parade of guild announcements marches on with Art Directors Guild. Will we find all of the Oscar nominees in the fifteen films honoured by the ADG? Not necessarily. Five of the last 25 Oscar nominees in this category were ones passed over by the guild, so it's not lights out yet for Oz the Great and Powerful or The Invisible Woman, although there's certainly enough good work this year to keep them off the final ballot.

The nominees and my commentaries after the cut:

Excellence in Production Design - Period Film
American Hustle, Judy Becker
The Great Gatsby, Catherine Martin
Inside Llewyn Davis, Jess Gonchor
Saving Mr. Banks, Michael Corenblith
12 Years a Slave, Adam Stockhausen

American Hustle scored a BAFTA nod yesterday, so it may be one to watch for on nomination day. We can assume The Great Gatsby and 12 Years a Slave are likely safe. There may just not be enough room for Saving Mr. Banks, whose sets might be too modest to stand out from the crowd. I'm delighted that Inside Llewyn Davis managed another guild citation to go along with Bruno Delonnel's yesterday from the ASC. At least the industry can agree that it's a great looking film.

Excellence in Production Design - Contemporary Film
August: Osage County, David Gropman
Blue Jasmine, Santo Loquasto
Captain Phillips, Paul Kirby
Her, K.K. Barrett
The Wolf of Wall Street, Bob Shaw

Her is the clear standout of this group, in my opinion, but wouldn't it be more at home in the Fantasy category? Whatever gives K.K. Barrett the best chance to win, I guess.

Excellence in Production Design - Fantasy Film
Elysium, Philip Ivey
Gravity, Andy Nicholson
The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, Dan Hennah
Oblivion, Darrel Gilford
Star Trek Into Darkness, Scott Chambliss

So disappointed that Pacific Rim's lived-in future couldn't find some love here, but I guess with Elysium and Oblivion, the ADG thought two post-apocalyptic earths were enough. As much as I respect Andy Nicholson's detailed work on Gravity, I have to protest its inclusion here; Gravity is not a fantasy. Where do people keep getting this idea?

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