Wednesday, January 29, 2014

"Alone Yet Not Alone" scandal yields yet more controversy...

In a surprising move that may be unprecedented (I trust you superior Oscar buffs will correct me if I'm wrong)*, the Academy has revoked a nomination! The recipient of this unusual penalty: Best Original Song ex-nominee Alone Yet Not Alone.

There was quite the dust-up on nomination day when this esoteric fringe movie that no one had ever heard of sprang from the lips of Academy president Cheryl Boone Isaacs as a nominee for its title hymn "Alone Yet Not Alone". A fervent investigation by every confused Oscar pundit on the web soon revealed that the song was written by former Academy governor and current music branch executive committee member Bruce Broughton, and suspicion immediately began to fly regarding the legitimacy of this obscure nomination.

Well, little less than two weeks after that announcement, Ms. Isaacs has something to add, and Broughton's not going to like it. The Board of Governors has rescinded the nomination after discovering that he had emailed music branch members during voting to make them aware of his Best Original Song candidate, which is a big no-no with upper Academy brass.

Unfortunately, they have no intention of naming a fifth nominee, which means just two years after revising the rules to guarantee five Original Song nominees, the music branch has already goofed up and given a slate of four! This branch just can't help embarrassing itself on a near annual basis.

*(I just remembered Nino Rota for The Godfather, but I'm sure there are other examples)

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  1. Wanted them to have a replacement song, maybe the one who was in 6th place to get a nomination in favour of Alone, Yet Not Alone's disqualification ("Young & Beautiful" comes to mind), but I guess it ain't happening...