Friday, August 2, 2013

Ellen returns as Oscar host

Ellen's dancing her way back onto the Oscar stage for a second go. You may remember that she hosted the show in 2007. Or you may not. She was very warm and genial and did a fairly agreeable job, but it wasn't a gig I would exactly describe as memorable.

After taking a lot of flack for Seth MacFarlane's provocative stint last March, one can't help but feel that AMPAS is retreating to the safest choice they could possibly make to atone. I'm not complaining. I liked Ellen fine enough the first time she emceed the ceremony, but I can't even come close to pretending that this has me the least bit excited. Her style of cheery, inoffensive comedy is safe, but the lower the risk, the lower the reward.

Whatever. I'm sure she'll be fine.


  1. I still want The Muppets to host! Bring on the Muppets!

  2. Replies
    1. In the works, but will probably be a shorter one.

    2. You know, I was also wondering if you're going catch up with some of the smaller flicks like Mud and Frances Ha? Those were startling

    3. I've been gradually catching up with a few smaller films but haven't had time to write about them. I'll post some quick capsule reviews later in the summer.