Sunday, April 28, 2013

Early Oscar predictions - Part 5

Here are the last four categories I have to run down before finalizing my early predictions: Score, Song, Sound Mixing, and Sound Editing.

Best Original Score
Best Original Score is nearly impossible to anticipate because the score is often one of the final elements of a film to be completed. Will this finally be Alexandre Desplat's year? Can Hans Zimmer return to the fold for a superhero movie even though his influential work on Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy was completely ignored by AMPAS? A mixture of Best Picture nominees and previously nominated composers is usually what ends up reaping nominations from this notoriously insular branch:

Alexandre Desplat, The Monuments Men
Howard Shore, The Wolf of Wall Street
Steven Price, Gravity
Hans Zimmer, Man of Steel
???, The Counselor

Also consider: After Earth, The Butler, The Great Gatsby, The Hobbit, Star Trek Into Darkness

Best Original Song
Best Original Song is even more of a mystery than Score because you can rarely tell what films will even have original songs, but I'm willing to guess these three films may provide:

T-Bone Burnett & Marcus Mumford, Inside Llewyn Davis
Robert Lopez & Kristen-Anderson Lopez, Frozen
Randy Newman, Monsters University

The two sound categories were very kind to Best Picture nominees last year, with only one non-Best Picture nominee cited in either category (Skyfall). So I'm borrowing mostly from my own predicted Best Picture pool, with Star Trek Into Darkness fleshing things out:

Best Sound Mixing
Inside Llewyn Davis
The Monuments Men
Star Trek Into Darkness
The Wolf of Wall Street

Also consider: Captain Phillips, The Hobbit, The Lone Ranger, Iron Man 3, Pacific Rim

Best Sound Editing
Captain Phillips
The Lone Ranger
The Monuments Men
Star Trek Into Darkness

Also consider: The Hobbit, Iron Man 3, Monsters University, Pacific Rim, The Wolf of Wall Street


  1. Mega box-office potential, with presumably loud sound work... I don't see why Pacific Rim isn't at the top of those sound predictions.

  2. Good job on the predictions there, buddy. Looking forward to more predix.