Thursday, December 23, 2010

Review - TRON Legacy

Watching TRON Legacy is like watching a pretty fireworks display that you promptly forget all about as soon as it's over. Can't say I'm surprised. It's hard enough to make a good sequel to a good movie, let alone to a movie that was never that good to begin with (by which I mean the original TRON from 1982). At least this updated continuation manages to eke by on its dazzling look and, especially, its awesome sound.
That's the only justification I can give to paying money for a ticket to this flashy but otherwise hallow light show. The first act is a whirlwind of nonsensical action, while the second act is nearly 50 minutes of stagnant exposition and stilted “character development” with little more than one fight scene to liven things up. Only the climactic third act has a solid pace, and it still suffers the rest of the atrocious screenplay's many foibles: it's full of logic holes, ear-splitting dialogue, and inconsistent characterization. The actors are none too convincing either, but I'd be surprised at anyone who could deliver such preposterous lines convincingly.

But on the big screen, with big sound, and with tricked-out 3D, it is quite something to behold. The effects are impressive (save for a not-quite-realistic CG model of the young Jeff Bridges), working nicely to accent the unique production and costume design. More than anything else though, this is one of the best sounding films of the year, boasting terrific sound effects and an outstanding musical score by Daft Punk (who earn a well-appointed cameo in one scene).

Oscar nods for Visual Effects and both Sound categories are probably coming, but I'm less optimistic about Original Score, given the music branch's staunch aversion to nontraditional scoring.

**1/2 out of ****

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